Our Beginning
In 1996 a handful of paddlers came together with the vision to build an organization to foster the growth and development of dragon boating in the San Francisco Bay Area. Each had little experience in starting up a non-profit organization most were relatively new to the sport themselves. With only commitment and their faith in dragon boating becoming a great activity for the community they moved forward to promote a sport people knew little about in an area already saturated with team sports.

An Undying Effort
As each season passed the CDBA’s membership base slowly grew through word of mouth, local media and stirring the publics interest through small race events. After more than a decade of labor, the CDBA is now the largest dragon boating organization in the Bay Area, organizes one of the largest competitive dragon boat festivals in the United States and oversees the largest high school and college dragon boat program in the nation.

Volunteers: Our Heart and Soul
Since its creation the driving force behind the CDBA has been through the efforts of its volunteers. Every season, veteran and new paddlers alike step up to the challenge of taking on the tasks vital to the growth of the CDBA and the sport of dragon boating in the Bay Area. From coaching to race organization, administrative to site maintenance nearly every function of the CDBA is accomplished by volunteers who scarifice time out of their schedule to contribute to something they truly believe in.

Our Commitment
To provide education and instruction to the general public on dragon boating
To foster, conduct, and assist national and international dragon boat competitions
To sponsor, promote, or facilitate local dragon boat events and races
To promote low cost community sports and exercise
To provide youth programs centered on paddling activities and leadership
To enhance bonding and interaction among different ethnic and cultural groups locally, nationally, and internationally

The Road Ahead
Although great strides have been made, the dragon boat community in the Bay Area is still in its infancy. The CDBA is continuously looking for motivated people to continue the growth of the sport. Ultimately the CDBA is YOU - anyone willing to be involved in the dragon boating community. Will you join us in building something great for the community and its youth?


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