California Dragon Boat Association



1.  Los Gatos – Saratoga Recreation (LGSR) is the CDBA's host at the Vasona site. The LGSR also runs other programs out of this site.
2. During the LGSR “off season” (November through March) the CDBA can use the site for practices during park hours.
3.The CDBA must provide LGSR and the park rangers with a monthly calendar (practice schedule). This is available on the CDBA website.
4. The CDBA/site manager will provide LGSR with the combination to the storage cabinet. In addition LGSR will have a list of authorized CDBA people who have access to the storage container.
5. The CDBA will provide a list of CDBA personnel who have access to the combination.
6.  The rules for use of the site will be placed on the CDBA website and the updated 2012 Coaches Procedure and Policy Manual.
7.  The CDBA’s expectation is that each coach/captain using this site is aware of the P/P, and will follow them.


1. November through March, park hours
2. April to October, weekdays, park hours
3. April to October; Saturday, Sunday 8am until noon and after 6pm


1. CDBA has storage in the yard for 1 dragon boat. The boat must be carried from the storage yard to the launch ramp.
2. The boat is NEVER stored in the water. It must be removed after each practice.
3. The boat must be stored on the cradles.
4. Two storage cabinets are available for paddles, pfds, basic tools and other related items.
5. The site manager will have the combo for the units.
6. The CDBA will establish a list of persons who should have access to the combo. This list will include team captains/coaches who practice at that site. This list will be shared with LGSR.

Parking at the site is charged per car. Street parking is also available on University Ave near the Pepper Tree Lane park gate (gate is usually closed to vehicle traffic but pedestrians ok). Map Directions

To schedule a practice, questions or information, contact Chris Jasper This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.