Looking for a practical, casual and unique team building outing? If so the CDBA has a great solution for your business team. No where are the attributes of an effective business unit reflected more than in dragon boating. Undeceive leadership, poorly communicated objectives and responsibilties, will not only result in poor execution but compromise the safety of the crew as well.

Dragon Boating can be an effective team building exercise that can assist in developing:

  • Better communication among team members.
  • A greater sense of corporate pride and understanding that no one person can accomplish the  organizational goals alone.
  • Greater understanding of each person’s role and importance on the team.
  • Greater understanding of what it takes to achieve the organizational goals.
  • Break down organizational barriers on the boat which may transfer to the workplace.

CDBA will provide:

  • A Professional coordinator/facilitator
  • Certified coaches
  • A certified steers person
  • All paddling and safety equipment
  • A safe and beautiful practice site at Lake Merced in San Francisco

We can create a fun learning experience for you from 3 to 6 hour sessions with 20 to 60 people. For more detail please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .


Comments from participants:

"It is a good that CDBA is active in sharing their knowledge and expertise, correlating the sport to the corporate world"

"Glad to have the dynamic of team work from a sport perspective translated to a business organization"

" Overall the event was amazing. I did not want to come but I am glad I did. I learned so much. Thanks CDBA !"

" I can't wait to share all that I learned today with other departments"

" Will definitely tell other organizations about CDBA"