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Meet the CDBA volunteers

CDBA is 100% volunteer based.  Many of CDBA dragon boat paddlers and supporters volunteer their time and labor to gave back to the community.  There are 2  types of volunteers to choose from.  There are special events and short-term volunteers.  They sign up to assist at CDBA special events and short-term projects.  Volunteer roles may include race director, dock master, marshaller, dockworker, finish line official, parking & traffic controller , dragon boat operation maintenances & repairs to runner.  Volunteer activities may involve functions related to event setup and breakdown, chase boat, hospitality, boat towing, finish line to start line and more. 

CDBA has ongoing key volunteer opportunities.  Dedicated volunteers work in the dragon boat roles of coach, steersperson and drummer; volunteers also perform organizational support roles and functions such as fund development & grant writing, youth activity planning, program development, risk management, practice site management to race event planning & operation and more.

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Board of Directors

The board of directors is comprised of 13 volunteers who oversees the operations, finances, equipment, races, and various other CDBA programs. Read the CDBA by-laws for more information about the role of the board.

Hans Wu


Tek Li

Vice President - Operations

Jeanie Lee

Vice President - External Relations

Jack Zee


Chris Chang


Ken Wu

Membership Director

Justin Joaquin

Safety Director

Anna Zhu

At-large member

Dorothy Yeung

At-large member

Michael Flanigan

At-large member

Michelle Chai

At-large member

If you or someone you believe would make a good candidate to be on the CDBA board of directors, please submit a nomination form below.

Meet CDBA volunteers: List
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Key Volunteers

These are just some of the volunteers who serve the CDBA in different capacities.

Mabel J.

Historian /
Youth Activities Committee

Jessica L.

Youth Activities Committee

Thomas C.

Race Director

Thaddeus H.

Race Director

Brian Y.

Risk Officer

Linda C.

Festival Director

Chris J.

Practice Site Manager

John Y.


Meet CDBA volunteers: List
Team Meeting

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Meet CDBA volunteers: Image
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